Purina Veterinary Diets


We carry the complete line of Purina Veterinary Diets to aid in the treatment of medical issues. We carry Purina Lite Biscuits ($4.99 24 oz.) which are appropriate for any dog, but specifically for overweight dogs and diabetics. We also carry Purina Gentle Snackers ($3.99 8 oz.) which are for our patients with stomach or intestinal sensitivity or food allergy.

Royal Canin & IVD Diets (Same Company)

We carry several of the veterinary diets available from Royal Canin as well as all of the hypoallergenic diets available from IVD. Any of the Royal Canin or IVD Diets can be ordered if necessary.

Hill’s Veterinary Diets

We carry a select few of the Hill’s Veterinary Diets and can order any of them with a short wait.

NutriSource & Wysong

We strongly recommend good nutrition from the very start for your pet’s life. NutriSource grain free diets and Wysong canned foods offer the right ingredients for the life of your dog or cat.

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